WhatsApp’s Linked Devices Feature May Soon to be Released on the Beta Version

WhatsApp is all set to launch a new feature in its beta release of WhatsApp. According to some solid rumors WhatsApp is said to test a new feature called Linked Devices that lets users use the same WhatsApp Account from multiple devices.

linked devices

Now you may ask, what’s a big deal in that? We have already been using WhatsApp on multiple devices i.e PC to run WhatsApp simultaneously. But this feature is a little different and can save a lot of time as well it is more convenient to use compared to the traditional WhatsApp Web feature.


  • WhatsApp may soon release a new feature called ‘Linked Devices‘ on the beta version.
  • You might be able to link 4 Devices and use the same WhatsApp account simultaneously.
  • If rumors are to be believed, you don’t need a primary device connected to the internet to use WhatsApp on secondary devices.

What’s WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web waw introduced back in 2015. It was meant specially for Computers that allowed users to run WhatsApp simultaneously on Phone as well as on the PC. WhatsApp Web was a great workaround for the people who used to work on their PCs. And it was also a great way to quickly share documents from PC to other people through WhatsApp.

You could share files such as PDFs, Microsoft Office Files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint files can be easily sent with the help of WhatsApp Web. People started using WhatsApp Web more frequently than the e-mail and soon it became an irreplaceable part for the people who work more frequently on their Computers. Another great thing You could send some important documents as well as chat with your friends or colleagues at the same time.

How ‘Linked Devices’ feature is Different than WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web was limited to Computers only. You couldn’t be able to run the same WhatsApp account on mobile phones. And that was the biggest drawback for many people.

But now, with the help of Linked Devices, you can run the same WhatsApp account on up to 4 devices and that too without the need of connecting the first phone to the internet. It’s a great feature, isn’t it?

What We Can Expect?

According to the rumors, WhatsApp may soon release a beta version to check how this new feature works across different devices. The testing of this feature is at the earlier stage however we might soon see this feature available for the stable version of WhatsApp as well.

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