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Typhoon TV APK v2.2.8.2 Download for Android: If you are the one who loves watching movies and TV Shows, but don’t want to pay for it. Then you are in the right place. If you are familiar with the apps such as RedBox TV, CyberFlix, FlixTV, etc, you must be knowing about this awesome app called Typhoon TV APK. Typhoon TV is one of the most popular entertainment apps that offers tons of movies, web series and TV shows to watch. The best thing about it is, it is totally free and you don’t need to pay for what you watch. It’s fast, secure and all the movies are just one tap away. That’s why people love to binge-watch on the Typhoon TV app. Read below to know more about the Typhoon TV app and its features.

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You know, how awesome it is to watch movies, web series and web originals to watch on official streaming apps such Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. But the problem with them is, they are not free. But, what if I tell you, there’s one app where you can watch all the trending movies, web series without the need of paying. Yes, Typhoon TV for Android just made for that purpose only. We recommend you to download as it is one of the best apps that you should keep on your phone. Below we discuss its advantages and features. We have provided a direct download link for the Typhoon TV App. So don’t forget to download it and let us know how awesome the app in the comment section.

Advantages of Using Typhoon TV App

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When it comes to watching free movies, web series on the internet. There’s nothing you can watch free. All the TV Shows, Movies, and Web Series are paid and comes with some amount to watch. Typhoon TV is one of those apps that has a huge library of trending movies and the most popular series and podcasts. The best thing about it is, it is totally free and safe to download and watch movies on it. It also doesn’t ask for root permissions to use the app. Some apps ask for root permission but this is quite good with no pesky ads and login hustle. Just open the app and start watching movies right away.

Download Typhoon TV APK for Android

Typhoon TV APK Package Information

APK NameTyphoon TV APK
Size13 MB
Supports Android4.1 +
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Typhoon TV APK Features

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  • One of the Best app to stream Movies and TV Shows.
  • Watch thousands of Movies, TV Shows, and Web Series from dozens of categories.
  • 100% safe without any issues- The app is scanned thoroughly and uploaded so no need to worry about
  • Typhoon TV doesn’t contain any advertisements within the app. No more pesky ads and interruption while watching movies.
  • No Root required- Some streaming apps require you to root your device to run, but Typhoon TV doesn’t require rooting.
  • Switch to your favorite media players such as VLC Media Player and MX Player within the app.
  • Subtitles available for more than 30+ languages.
  • Thousands of hours of free entertainment without spending a single penny.
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How to Download & Install Typhoon TV for Android?

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Typhoon TV is a third-party app. that lets you stream a verity of movies and TV Shows offered by other paid services. But, the difference is that you don’t have to pay for anything. Now, for this reason, its not available on the play store. But, we have collected the latest version of Typhoon TV for you. You can also update the app by downloading the latest version of the Typhoon TV app. Below we tell you how to download typhoon TV and properly install it on your Android Smartphone.

First of all, click on the download button above. This will take you to the download page, where you can select the versions of the Typhoon TV app. Now, select the latest version of the Typhoon TV app from the list. After downloading the app, go to the settings. Look for the security settings, under security, you will see one option called Installation from Unknown Sources. Enable this option so that you can install the APK from the internal storage of your phone. Now, install the Typhoon TV App as you usually do and enjoy unlimited movies for free.

FAQs For Typhoon TV App

Do I have to root my Android device to use Typhoon TV?

No, Typhoon TV alp doesn’t ask you to root your device to watch or stream its content. All the movies, TV Shows are completely free and requires no extra permission. Rooting your device is something like putting your device to the risk. So, it’s a good thing that you don’t have to root your device.

Does Typhoon TV run on Chromecast and Firestick supported devices?

Yes, Typhoon TV APK is one of those APK that works well with Chromecast supported TVs and Amazon Firestick platform. So, next time if you have a mood to watch whatever you want, you can easily watch on on either Chromecast or Amazon Firestick.


So, if you are someone who just loves to binge-watch movies and web series, then Typhoon TV is really an awesome app. It includes all kinds of Movies, TV Shows, and web series requested by the mass audiences. The best part is you don’t have to pay any extra charges to watch them. Also, the Typhoon TV app itself is safe to download and install. We recommend you to download Typhoon TV Official app from our site. For more awesome apps and games, check our site. You would really love the apps and modded games here.

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