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Hackers Keylogger APK Download v1.1: Do you want to know who uses your phone when you don’t have a phone around you? Do you want to know who is sneaking into you? If yes, then Hackers Keylogger is a great app to find out exactly who is been using your phone when you are not around. The app is called Hackers Keylogger that gives you many details about the user of the phone. Things such as what apps did he open, what activities he has done, and also captures the screenshot and more other things. If you find it interesting, continue reading to know more about the Hackers Keylogger app for Android.

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Generally, Hackers use Keyloggers on computer devices to know what keys the user is typing and what activities he is doing on his PC. But, what if we say, you can do the same on your Android device too. Isn’t it exciting to know who uses your phone when you are not around? So today we will talk about the advantages and features of the Hackers Keylogger app. On the other hand, you can also know what your friends are typing with the Hackers Keylogger app. Also, we have provided the direct download link for Hackers Keylogger APK for Android. You can download it anytime by pressing the below download button, it’s just one click away.

Download Hackers Keylogger App for Android

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Cinema HD APK Package Information

APK NameHackers Keylogger
Size5 MB
Supports Android4.1 +
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Features of Hacker Keylogger app for Android

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  • Get to know what the user is typing with the help of accurate keystrokes
  • Automatically captures screenshot to see what activity is the user doing.
  • See the list of apps that are being used by the user.
  • Check for the battery percentage of the target’s device.
  • No root required
  • Works on any Android device running above 4.1
  • Free to use the app.
  • Undetectable app- Target device won’t know that you are tracking him.

How to use the Hackers Keylogger APK?

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To use the Hackers Keylogger app, you need to download it first. To download the app, simply click on the link given below. First of all, install this app called Hackers Keylogger on the target’s device. After that, enable the Hackers Keylogger special keyboard that will send you data of what target is typing on his phone. By knowing what he is typing is we will know what exactly the user is doing. Also, enable the screen capture option. Enabling this option will capture the screenshot and send it to you. You can also know the battery percentage of the device. Make sure, you use the Hackers Keylogger app for fair use only. Doing anything besides the fair use or to expose someone is not fair and you shouldn’t be doing that. Don’t use this app for any hacking purposes also. This app is made to spy on them who is trying to know what we do on our mobile phones.

How to Download and Install Hackers Keylogger on Android devices?

Hackers Keylogger being a third party anonymous app is not available on the play store. It doesn’t have any official wesbite. But for your ease and comfort, we have collected the latest version of the Hackers Keylogger for Android. You can download easily by just clicking the download button above. After downloading the app, follow the steps below to install Hackers Keylogger on your Android smartphone.

As we all know that, we can’t install apps from third party sources. To install app from other sources, you have to go to the settings app and then under security, there will be an option called Enable installation from unknown sources. Turn that option on and go to the file manager. Look for the Downloaded Hackers Keylogger APK file and tap on it to install. Once installed you can easily trace what are your friends doing on their phone. Or maybe on your phone when next time they take your phone.


Does Hackers Keylogger APK require root acccess to use?

No, you don’t need to root your device to use the Hackers Keylogger app. In now way, Hackers Keylogger promotes hacking or exposing anyone’s privacy. Hackers Keylogger works in a complete normal way.

How Do I know what my target person is typing on his phone?

Whatever the keys are being pressed on the target’s device can be seen on your phone. The app simply collects the information that is being typed on the target’s phone. You can also take screenshots also while using the app.

Can my device run the Hackers Keylogger app?

Hackers Keylogger app is supported on the apps running Android 4.1 and up. The latest version of Android is compatible most times but in case if the app doesn’t work. Use another phone to detect the activities of the target device.


If you are someone who loves to keep an eye on your friends and want to know what they do on their phones. Then you should really download Hackers Keylogger APK for Android. It’s a great app that lets you read what your friend is typing and what he is doing right now by taking a screenshot. Note one thing that this app doesn’t promote any kind of hacking or fishing. You don’t have to worry about it because the it is safe to use. If you trying out various Android modded apps and games, then check out our other apps as well.

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