Some Basic Netflix Error You Can Easily Fix (5 Easy Ways)

Netflix itself doesn’t need any kind of introduction when it comes to the binge-watching. It is one of the most popular online streaming platforms on the planet-hosting hundreds of thousands of movies, TV Shows, and Web Series. Despite all these things, If you see We are unable to process your request, then we have got you covered. Below in this article, we explain how you can Netflix Site Error issue quickly by possible methods. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

fix netflix site error

Many people were asking us about the Netflix Site Error issue for quite a time. We couldn’t be able to reply to them all. So, today we decided to compile all the possible solutions to this issue and present it to you in a step by step guide.

If you watch Netflix often and say you are getting the following Netflix Site error then there might be some issues going on with your browser, devices, or even with the Netflix site. However, by following these 5 best quick fixes given below, you will be able to fix the Netflix Site error issue.

The Error Says:

Netflix Site Error. We were unable to process your request. Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.

5 Best Ways to Solve Netflix Site Error

1. Clear Your Browser Cookies

clear browser cookies

If you are using the same browser to watch Netflix for quite a time, then you might encounter this issue. The best way to avoid this issue to clear the cookies for the Netflix site. Clearing your cookies will automatically clear your login data for the Netflix. But it might fix the Netflix Site Error.

1. In order to clear your cookies, navigate to the

2. Clearing cookies will log you out automatically from the Netflix.

3. Now, sign in again and Enjoy the Neftlix as you used to do before.

Clearing cookies is one of the few things you need to do if you are getting Netflix site error. If the problem still persists, try other ways to solve this issue.

2. Use Different Browser

use different broswser

If you are facing Netflix Site error in your primary browser and the issue still persist after clearing the cookies, then try using a different browser. This might help you to avoid the Netflix Site Error and you can then continue watching your favorite Movies, Web Shows, etc. easily. Make sure the browser you are opening doesn’t have the Netflix account logged in already. After opening a new browser, you have to put your Netflix ID and password and try if the problem is solved. If yes then enjoy the show and if no then check other solutions for this problem.

3. Sign in to Another Device

sign in to another device

Sometimes the device you are using might be creating a temporary issue that is leading you to this issue. For example, if you are having an error on the laptop, try using your Smartphone to watch Netflix and vice versa. The Site error issue doesn’t hold up for long after the issue is fixed, you can log in back to the laptop and can use it.

4. Contact Netflix Help Center

contact netflix help center

If neither of these solutions is not helping you to Fix Netflix site error, you can ask help regarding this issue to the Netflix Help Center. Contact them through the mail and explain your problem thoroughly with a screenshot of the issue. As none of these methods didn’t work, they might come up with a proper solution and soon you will be again enjoying your favorite movies and TV Shows.

5. Restart Your Device

If all the above methods are not working and if you are still facing the same issues. You should really restart your device once and try again. Sometimes restarting your device will automatically fix many issues related to site error and connectivity. Give it a shot and see if it turns out to be a lifesaver.


So, we have explained step by step solution to fix the Netflix Site Error. A lot of people face this issue while logging in or while watching their favorite movies. The solution to this problem may vary on a verity of factors. However, we are sure that if you try all the possible methods given above, then this issue can be resolved in no time. We hope, we could help you to fix the Netflix Site Error. If you still have any queries or suggestions, feel free to ask us in the comment box below. Follow us for more awesome tips and tricks for Android and how-to guides.

How To Fix Netflix Site Error (5 Easy Ways) 100% Working
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