All Festivals Wishing Scripts For Blogger 2020-2021

Download All Festivals Wishing Scripts For Blogger: If you are looking for Wishing Scripts for your blogger site, then you have come to the right place. Today, in this article, we are going to talk about Wishing scripts, how to use them in your site, and how you can earn money by doing event blogging. These Wishing scripts are free to use and can be easily installed on your website. These wishing scripts will help you to earn money by doing event blogging. Event blogging is primarily based on the social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Continue reading to know more about All Festivals Wishing scripts and how to install them on your blog.

What are Festivals Wishing Scripts?

download all festival wishing scripts

We all know that nowadays people tend to meet and greet on social media platforms such as FB and WhatsApp more than in real life. When any Indian festival arrives people forward wishing messages to their friends and loved ones in a large quantity. These wishing messages are different than those wishing images and videos. Basically, people share links of the website on which these wishing animations are displayed. For example, if it’s Diwali, you will see a lot of firecrackers bursting in the background while your name appears in front wishing a Happy Diwali. The name on the wishing animation can be changed on the site with a click. And thus anyone who has the link can create the animation of his own name and send it to others.

What is Event Blogging and how does it work?

Event blogging is done in a short amount of time to funnel a huge amount of traffic to your site or blog. Basically, you have to create a site before any festival arrives and earn through that site by getting a huge amount of traffic to your site. These Wishing scripts methods can be used to earn money. All you have to do is to install a Wishing script on your blogger site and share it with people as much as possible. Adding share button can be a great way to get more visitors further. When the visitors see the wishing animation, they can forward those wishes further with the help of the share button.

Which platforms are supported for Festival Wishing Website?

Festival wishing websites can be a blog or a WordPress site. It really depends on you what kind of website and platform you choose. Generally, the WordPress website is much better than bloggers. WordPress sites offer much more customization and give us better control over the site. While bloggers on the other hand are more than enough if you are just making it happen for the first time. Blogger is a free platform while to work on WordPress, you will need a hosting server. All festival wishing scripts are supported on both WordPress and blogger sites. Download All festivals wishing scripts by clicking the download button below.

Features of Festivals Wishing Scripts

  • The images and backgrounds of the scripts can be changed.
  • Fast loading and easy to install light-weight scripts.
  • All scripts are original and free to download and install.
  • Wishing scripts have FB, Instagram, and WhatsApp share button to share the wishes on the go.
  • All ad size supported such as Facebook ads and Twitter ads.
  • Takes less load on the site and easily replaceable.
  • Scripts are supported by AdSense.

Download All Festivals Wishing Scripts for Blogger 2020

Happy New Year Wishing Script

happy new year wishing script

Eid Mubarak Wishing Script


Navratri Wishing Script

How to Insert Wishing Scripts onto the site?

Here we show you how to insert Wishing Scripts on your blog in no time. It is simple and easy to do doesn’t require any kind of special knowledge. These wishing scripts can only be installed on blogger sites. So make sure you run your site with Google Blogspot platform. Follow these steps to easily install wishing scripts on your blog.

First of all login to your Blogspot dashboard. Click on the theme tab from the left hamburger menu. Then select the theme you wish to install on your Blog. After selecting the theme, click on the apply to blog button to apply theme on your site.

Now in the edit HTML blog box, you have to put the script inside that box. Just erase the current theme HTML and replace it with the Downloaded Script. The scripts provided above are in zipped form, you have to unzip the folder after downloading the script. Now, after placing the HTML script into the box, press saves the theme button. Now this will install the wishing script on your blog. Now anyone who visits the link of that page will see the wishing animation and ads too if you wish to place ads within.


If you are looking to Download All Festivals Wishing scripts for your blogger site then you are the right place. We have provided all the festival wishing script for the blog. You can easily download within a click and install it on your site. All these wishing scripts are lightweight and can be easily installed on your blog too. Also, these themes can be easily edited if you wish to make some changes such as wallpapers and background color, etc. If you have any questions or suggestions ask us in the comment section below. If you love playing games and trying out new mod apps, have a look at our other articles too. Download All Festival Wishing Script for Blogger.

Download All Festivals Wishing Scripts For Blogger 2020-2021
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Download All Festivals Wishing Scripts For Blogger 2020-2021
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