Antena View APK (For Free Fire) Latest Version

Antena View APK Download v7.5 for Android: If you are a free fire lover, then you should download the latest version of Antena View APK. This app helps you to have a better gaming experience while playing the Free Fire game. EVer felt that you are having bad times spotting your enemies. Then Antena View APK can help you in this case. Just download the app try using it once. This app is made for the Free Fire game. The game is already popular with its fast-paced battle royale action. Antena View APK assist you to spot enemies by showing antenna lines above them. Continue reading to know more about Antena View APK.

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Antena View APK for Free Fire is a great tool to spot enemies from long distances. You can easily make strategies and move accordingly without any worries. To use the Antena View APK on your phone. You must have installed Gerena Free Fire on your device. Now, open up the app and enable the antenna view option. Now, open the game and start the match. Once the enemies are close enough to be rendered, Antena View will automatically detect them and show Antennas above them. This way, you can easily know where they are hiding or where they are coming from. Isn’t it great?

Advantages of Antena View APK

Antena View app is the most popular Gerena Free Fire assist app that lets you easily spot enemies. Gerena Free Fire is a popular multiplayer battle royale game. If you are looking for the Antena View APK, you must be knowing about the game. So what are the advantages of Antena View APK? First of all, it’s free and 100% secure. You won’t get banned by using this assist app. The app is made in such a way that it is not detected by Gerena Free Fire servers. Below are the salient features of Antena View APK and also direct download link of the same is given below. So make sure you download it.

Download Antena View APK v7.5 for Android (Latest Version)

Antena View APK Package Information

APK NameAntena View APK
Size8 MB
Supports Android4.1 +
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Features of Antena View APK

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  • Ad-Free app- Antena View APK does not contain any kind of Ads in the app. Also, note that this is app is mean to be used as an overlay in the Free Fire game.
  • 100% safe and Free to use- Unlike other Gerena Free Fire assist, this app is free to use, and also the app is safe from any kind of viruses and malware. It is scanned first and then uploaded to the site.
  • Puts Antennas on the heads of all rendered players around you- The players that are rendered around you will all have antennas over their heads. This way you can easily spot who is hiding where and know where enemies are coming from to attack you.
  • Anti-Ban APK- Antena View APK is a free app but being a free app it won’t be detected by Free Fire official servers when using Antena View to know where enemies are hiding.
  • No Root Required- There are some apps that require you to root your device. But, Antena View APK is made in such a way that you can use the app without the need for root access. This is a plus point as rooting your device will void your warranty and can cause harmful damage to your personal data.
  • Supports the latest Free Fire Game version: Antena View APK is compatible with the latest version of free fire. You have to update the game before you use Antena View APK.

How to use Antena View APK on Android for Free Fire?

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Antena View APK is easy to use assist app for Free Fire. You must have a Free Fire app installed on your device. First of all download the app from the given download button. After installing the app, open the app. There are different options to choose from such as Antena’s head, Antena’s hand, and Antena plus. You can choose any of the options available from the menu. Enabling the Antena head will connect all the players head to the antenna, this way you can spot the enemy’s head and can take a headshot. There’s another option called Hand antenna, in this option antenna will be connected to the hand.

FAQs for Antena View APK for Free Fire

Can I run Antena View APK on non rooted device?

Yes, you can run Antena View APK on a non-rooted device without root access. The Antena View app doesn’t ask for the root access. As we all know rooting voids your warranty and there is a potential risk if you root your device.

Is it free to use Antena View app while using Free Fire?

Yes, you can enhance the gaming experience by using Antena View app but this is completely free. The app comes with no additional charges. All you have to do is to download the Antena View APK and enjoy the show.


If you love playing Gerena Free Fire and want to improve your game then download the Antena View v7.5 app for free. The Antena View APK for Android will help you detecting enemies from long distances. This way you can make strategies where to look for enemies and how to kill them. Also, it doesn’t require you to root your device and it is anti-ban also. If you love trying out new games and mods then check out our other articles as well.

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